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I am an artist and designer with Australian indigenous heritage. My background can be traced to Wandandi Noongar people from south-west Western Australia and Ait Koedal people from Saibai Island in the Torres Strait. My practice includes graphic design, illustration, painting, animation and sculpture. I take on a variety of projects from corporate commission looking for indigenous styled graphic to highly conceptual fine art and much more. I enjoy taking on projects that allow me to grow as an artist and all-round creative.

GRAPHIC DESIGN – Many clients come to me for high quality indigenous centered graphics and culturally appropriate artwork. The majority of my Aboriginal artwork is centred digitally to be applicable with the desired outcome. I am passionate about assisting in keeping indigenous art present in a digital space. A few of my biggest achievements within this practice is winning the 2020 NAIDOC poster competition and creating a 22 metre collaborative piece for a balcony at the Dubai Expo 2021.

ILLUSTRATION – This aspect to my practice is the most complex as there are many different outcomes. I can create digital, mixed and traditional works. Part of these are conceptual works that are about expression and the other part are story based that detail scenarios. I have created mixed media picture books with Fremantle Press, health specific works for Perth Children Hospital’s Keeping Our Mob Healthy Program and published my own comic book titled The Rest of Your Life Gonna Be Shit (

PAINTING – These are conceptual artworks based on everyday myths and things that can’t necessarily be said because there aren’t enough words. I try to make these poetic and turn them on puns with a sense of dry humour. My biggest achievement within this practice is being acquired by Art Gallery of Western Australia collection and creating a large scale mural in their foyer area.

ANIMATION – One of my goals is to create an animated series out of my comic book. My animations are currently short comedy clips base of things I think are funny, be it something my Dad said or something absurd that falls out of my head. I love the idea that something can come to life in its own world and I can have a character do anything I want it do, without limitation. I have created a commissioned animation for Fiona Stanley Hospital State Adult Burns Unit, delivered a week long workshop in the central desert and had them featured during several exhibitions at Fremantle Art Centre.

SCULPTURE – This element of my practice brings my work into a physical space and changes its presence. I enjoy the process of thinking about figures in three dimensions. My dream for this aspect of my practice is to turn them into giant cast iron public art works that are full of colour. My sculptures have been a part of many exhibitions around Perth including Revealed (2019) and Dark Side (2021).

In terms of career goal I would like to take on an Art Director role, in terms of status I want to be one of the greatest artist is this country has ever produced. Right now I’m happy taking on exciting creative challenges were I grow as a artist. Some of my short term goals is to create an animated web series and gaining gallery representation.
Bachelor of Arts in Creative Advertising / Graphic Design and Illustration / Photography Curtin University (WA) 2014–2017

Ellenbrook Park Project
GHD Recilation Action Plan 2021 -2024
ANU Community Health Heart artwork and brand kit
AIATSIS youth forum logo
Ngaluk Waangkiny (Us Talking) logo and Artwork for Communication Arts Network
First Nations Justice Campaign – Get Up Artwork
Life Appeal Co. Clothing Artwork
Queensland Family & Children Commission – Everyday hero artwork
Engineers Without Boarders Australia – Indigenous Artwork
Perth Children Hospital – Keep Our Mob Health Campaign
Fiona Stanley Hospital – Burns Unit animations
West Australian State Library – Better Beginning program
Youth Focus – Reconciliation Action Plan
City of Cockburn – Reconciliation week graphic
City of Cockburn – NAIDOC graphic
City of Kwinana – Noongar six season graphic
Code for Australian – Reconciliation Action Plan
Department of Communities – Youth Action Plan
Flash Minkie – Rug artwork
Al Jazeera – Illustrations End of the line article
Instagram Australia – NAIDOC Stickers
Fulcrum Agency – Character illustrations
Rural Medicine Australia – National Conference artwork
Shire of Mundaring – 6 Noongar seasons
Version Media – NAIDOC themed YAHOO! Search
WINC – Emu in the sky wine label
Art Gallery of Western Australian – Mural Artwork
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – 2021 Dubai Expo
Fremantle Press – Illustrtaions Ninni Yabini Picture Book
West Australian State Library – Better Betting Program


Fremantle Art Centers – Revealed Exhibition 2019
Fremantle Art Centers – Revealed Exhibition 2020
Fremantle Art Centers – Forrest of Hook and Nail 2021
Gallery 25 and THERE IS – Dark Side Exhibition 2021
Morality Inst Relevant – Solo Exhibition – Cool Change Contemporary
Art Gallery of Westeren Australia – Collective Ground 2021


Department of Local Government, Sports and Cultural Industries (WA) Collection
Art Gallery of West Australia Stimulus Acquisition Collection


2020 NAIDOC Poster Winner
2020 NAIDOC Perth Artist of the Year


Center for Stories Inner city Residency