My name is Tyrown Waigana I am an Indigenous artist and designer from Perth. I am connected to both the Noogar people from South West Western Australia and Torres Strait Islander people from Saibai Island.

I have been creative from an early age and drawing for as long as I can remember. My earliest creative influences were Aboriginal art and cartoons. I believe these influences are present in my work today.

I studied a Bachelor of Arts focusing on Advertising Design and Illustration at Curtin University. Apart from the core focus this degree allowed me to learn a diverse range of skill such as Graphic Design, Photography and Animation.

In the future I want to learn more about web design, game design, 3D modelling and VR technology. I also want my work to be highly desirable and be involved in exciting projects.

Crawlin Crocodile as a brand that encompasses art production (painting, sculpture, illustration, animation) and design services (graphic design, publication, branding, advertising).